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Firefox : Managing browsing history and cookie management is easy now

Recent update in Firefox 3.5 has changed in many areas. Two of this which caught my attention and I find it very useful are Cleaning up browsing history and Cookie Management.

Cleaning up browsing history

Though in private browsing lets you keep away from getting tracked to all those sites ( No did not mean porn, people are pretty bold to go there these days ) which you don’t want people to see but then you don’t want to switch every time.

Now in Firefox, you can clen up browing history up to

Last hour
Last one hour
Last 2 hour
Today and Everything
This makes more sense to me. I can browse wherever I want and let people not know about it. Just clean my last 2 hours of history.
[Image: firefox-privacy-history.png]
Firefox privacy history

Cleaning up individual site cookies

Cookie management is has impressed me a lot. Now I can not only see which site are storing cookies but also I can delete them individually. The one and only those I want. Also you dont loose sessions from other sites when you are testing.
[Image: inprivacy-cookie-management.png]
n privacy cookie management

Both the options can be accessed via Tools > Options > Privacy. You would see two links one of which says remove individual cookies and other one clear your recent history.

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Good Tip Srinath, ThanQ

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