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Here is a listing of many of the keyboard shortcuts you can use. When using the shortcuts keep in mind that when you see CTRL+A that you hold down the CTRL - and then press the A - and you don’t type the + -.

* Select all items- CTRL+A
* Copy an item- CTRL+C
* Paste an item- CTRL+V
* Add the current page to your favorites- CTRL+D
* Open search- CTRL+E
* Open find- CTRL+F
* Open history- CTRL+H
* Open favorites- CTRL+I
* Open feeds- Ctrl+J
* Open a new IE window- CTRL and N
* Print the webpage- CTRL+P
* Refresh the page- F5
* Save- CTRL+S
* Close the current tab or window- CTRL+W
* Go to your homepage- ALT+HOME
* Go forward one page- ALT+right arrow -
* Go back one page- ALT+left arrow -
* Open links in a new tab- Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Shift+Click
* Open a new tab- Ctrl+T
* Switch between tabs- Ctrl+Tab (frontwards) or Ctrl+Shift+Tab (backwards)
* Open quick tabs- Ctrl+Q
* Close other tabs- Ctrl+Alt+F4
* Use * screen mode- F11
* Stop a page from loading- Esc
* Increase or decrease the font size - Ctrl+(- or +)
* Move down a page at a time- Spacebar
* Move up a page at a time- Shift + Spacebar
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