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You will need a Windows XP CD to boot from. Put the CD in the drive and start the computer. You should get an option to Press any - to boot from CD. Press any - when you see this message.

[Image: w93.jpg]

Next, Windows XP will Begin the Setup Process as if you were installing Windows itself.

[Image: w94.jpg]

At the screen below press R to enter the Recovery Console.

[Image: w95.jpg]

The Recovery Console will ask which Windows installation to access. Most people only have one Windows XP installation so you most likely will only have one choice.

[Image: w96.jpg]

Then it will ask for the administrator password for your Windows XP installation. Type in your administrator password or leave it blank and press enter if you don’t have one.

[Image: w97.jpg]

The Recovery Console is now ready for use and you can type in commands to try and fix your computer’s problem. When you are finished, take out the Windows XP CD and type exit to restart the computer.

[Image: w98.jpg]
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