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Tip: Double Clicking empty space on the Tab Bar will open a 'New Tab'

Tip: Middle click/Mouse Wheel Click on a Bookmark on your Personal Toolbar will open it up in a New Tab

Tip: Middle Click/Mouse Wheel Click on a folder will open all the bookmarks in the folder in a new Tab(s)

Tip: holding down the Shift or Ctrl - when you Right Click to "View Image" or "View Background Image"will open the image in a New Tab or New Window.

Tip: Unused menus or menu Items can be hidden by using the customizing your user Chrome.css style sheet

Tip: Middle Click/Mouse Wheel Click on a Tab will close that Tab.

Tip: Middle Click/Mouse Wheel Click on a History item will open the page in a new Tab

Tip: Middle Click/Mouse Wheel Click on the Back and Forward buttons will open the last/next page in a new Tab

Tip: Middle Click/Mouse Wheel Click on the Home button will open your homepage in a new Tab(s)

Tip: Middle Click/Mouse Wheel Click on the Throbber (the 'busy' icon at the top-right) will open the Firefox homepage in a new Tab

Tip: For those without middle mouse buttons or mouse wheels, ctrl-click will also open new tabs for links, bookmarks, bookmark folders, history items, and toolbar buttons

Tip: Ctrl+TAB you can navigate in the tabs to the right

Tip: Ctrl+Shift+Tab you can navigate in the tabs to the left

Tip: Many Laptops mimic the Middle Click/Mouse Wheel Click function if you click both right/left pads at the same time.

Tip: Set mutliple Home pages : Tools---->Options--->General and seperate each page with the pipe | symbol
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Tip: Clear your Download history to make the download manager more responsive : Tools---->Options--->Privacy

Tip: Rearrange add/remove Icons on Toolbars: View--->ToolBars--->Customize....

Tip: Drag any link to the Download Manager Window to add & download the link

Tip: Pressing ctrl+enter will add http://www. before and .com after the text in the toolbar and load the resulting url. Similarly, shift+enter will add http://www. and .net, and ctrl+shift+enter will add http://www. and .org

Tip: You can work offline like in IE by clicking File>Work Offline. This means that you can browse your previously visited pages even when you're offline.

Tip: If you wish to remove an item from your Address Bar Drop down menu, Highlight it WITHOUT CLICKING and use Shift+Delete

Tip: A bookmarks position Dragged & Dropped (ie. change position in a Folder or move from one folder to another or move to another position on the toolbar) by highlighting it & clicking on it (WITHOUT LETTING GO) and Dragging it to your desired position

Tip: A Folder can be move the same way as above tip but u MUST hold down the SHIFT - while Dragging

Tip: Former/current users of IE who are accustomed to copying items from "Temporary Internet Files" folder (Fire Fox calls it "Cache" ) can achieve the same results by Tools--->Page Info and then select the "Media" Tab, then Highlight the item u want to download and clicking "Save As..."

Tip: If u accidentally delete a bookmark and want to recover it, if it is not already open then, open the "Bookmarks Manager" (Bookmarks--->Manage Bookmarks) and either use Ctrl+Z or Edit--->Undo (in The Bookmarks Manager)

Tip: Double Clicking a file entry in the Downloads Manager will open/launch the file (provided u haven't moved it yet)

Tip: You can also directly download anything from a page by drag and dropping it onto the 'download' icon in your toolbar (provided you put it there in 'right-click > customize')

Tip: You can bookmark the current page by dragging the icon from the location bar to your Bookmarks folder. You can also drag it to the desktop to make an icon for that page

Tip: Of course, you can also do what the last tip said in the other direction: drag a text file, a link, a picture, etcetera... from your folders or your desktop to Firefox and it will open in Firefox

Tip: You can save all open tabs in a bookmark folder. Ctl-D, select the "bookmark all tabs in a folder" select or create a folder.

Tip: To stop animated gifs from moving, press the ESC -.

Tip: Instead of clicking the Back or Forward buttons, hold down the Shift - and turn the scroll wheel to back or forward

Tip: you can give "keywords" to your bookmarks by right-clicking the bookmark and then Properties. If you put a string in the keyword field now you can type that keyword in the address bar and it will go to that bookmark. For example, if I have a bookmark for the fire fox website, I might give it the keyword "ff". Now, when I type "ff" in the address bar, it goes to the fire fox site. I find it is often faster than going through your bookmarks to find it

Tip: Ctrl and a number - will go to the tab indicated by the number. (e.g. Ctrl+3 will go to the third tab from the left)

Tip: CTRL+F5 refreshes the page without accessing the file cache
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మహేష్ యస్సస్సార్ గారు..
చాలా మంచి ట్రిక్స్ చెప్పారు మీరు .


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