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[Image: graphicpenimages1.jpg]
[Image: graphicpen1.jpg]

1. Open a good clear photo with some one face as the subject to be sketch. At this point press D to reset the default colors.

2. Change the resolution to 100 - ( Image => Image size => resolution 100)

3. Use the lasso tool to cut the face out from the picture.

4. Open a new canvas with a white background 8x10 inches, resolution of 72 and drag the cut face onto the new canvas.

5. Bring up the blur tool at 100% brush size 45 and blur the out side edge around the face, this will be layer 1

6. Resize the face to fit two thirds of the canvas (Edit => transform => scale) it will depend on how clear your picture is if you see pixels

7. Duplicate layer 1 and name it Sketch

8. De saturate this layer (Image => adjust => Desaturate).
Now (Filter => Sketch => Graphic Pen. Use these setting

* Stroke length 15.
* Light / Dark 50.
* Right Diagonal.
* Click OK

9. Click on layer 1 and duplicate it. Name the copied layer, layer 3 and drag it above the sketch layer. In the blending drop down Click on Luminosity and lower the opacity to 58% or what ever looks good to you

10. Turn off layer 1

A oval back ground can be added by following step 8 and drag below the sketch layer
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