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Photoshopలో కొత్త brushes ఎలా Install చేయాలి?

There are different methods of installing brushes but this is one common and easy-to-use method.

Step 1:
Open Photoshop and click on “Brush Tool” or press “B” on your keyboard.
[Image: step_1_thumb.jpg]

Step 2:
On the top click “Brush Preset picker”, next to brush size.
[Image: step_2.jpg]

Step 3:
Now a window pops up on the screen. On the top-right corner you can see a small arrow pointing right. Click that. From the drop down select “Load Brushes”.
[Image: step_3_thumb.jpg]

Step 4:
Locate your file (Note: Brush files have .ABR extension) and click “Load”
[Image: step_4.jpg]

Step 5:
Once your done loading the brushes, scroll down and you’ll see your new brushes there.
[Image: step_5.jpg]

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Good guide.. ThanQ

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