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1) Windows 7 DVD or Installation Source (ISO)
2) A 4GB USB 2.0 Storage device (Its recommeded to use USB 2.0 device for optimal performance)

How to:

1. Plug your USB storage device.

2. Run CMD and execute the following commands one by one.

3. Diskpart
(Run Disk parition utility)

4. List disk
(To get disk index that is used to pefrom disk paritioning.)

5. Select disk 1
(Selects disk to pefrom disk paritioning.)

6. Clean
(Flush your existing all USB drive’s partitions.)

7. Create parition primary
(Creates a parition as primary parition.)

8. Format recommeded
(Format your USB drive w/ recommeded parameters. [No need to worry about file system format])

9. Active
(Set the parition as active to hold bootmgr.)

10. Exit
(To quit Diskpart utlity)

[Image: InstallVista7withUSB.png]

11. Now copy all Windows 7 files to USB storage device.

12. Boot your PC with it, you can install Windows 7 via bootable USB storage device.

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Note: If you face any troble to boot with it or unable to boot, try this FIX.
Where X: is the drive letter of USB storage device

[Image: bootmgr.png]
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