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This is windows live messenger tool 9, it's recently officially released to download from Microsoft. More enhanced, fast and reliability for better communication. This is a beta released and only beta tester will able to sign in. Windows live messenger always being and appears to reliable way of communication because of it's brand name "Microsoft". Live messenger coordinate and work very efficiently in Microsoft platform. The application has specially released to work on microsoft and it's developed for secure means of communication. Live messenger is official way of communication. It's doesn't have any chattroom like yahoo messenger but if you know the email address to whom you want to communicate that can be done in greate way. It's offers only private chatting.

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namaskaram srinath gaaru,

windows live messenger eppatinunchi latest versions lo vastunna kooda, and also new windows versions lo with OS to vastunappatiki, windows live messenger vadey valla sankhya takkuvaga undi

reason emiti antey india lo max people yahoo and google meeda depend avvatam anndai windows live ki unna main problem. surprisingly even microsoft people also wont communicate through messenger. they always use yahoo or other social networking platform

any way lets hope a new era of instant messaging from top gaints
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