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 Hi Friends,

             This is Kiran from Kurnool. I was already known by name Nicky to the friends in CERA forum . I use to post in Java section.  
                 I felt very sad when CERA forum was discontinued abruptly. And very lately I got to know about this forum maintained by MAHI garu From Mr. Sai Pothuri and the very next moment I subscribed to this forum .
                 As previously I was posting threads in CERA forum, after few more days I would like to continue my journey here  .
                 I like to read books,Tech magazines, browsing forums like ours. 
                I would like to appreciate MAHI garu regarding his great effort in starting a new  dedicated forum in telugu language and keeping this forum alive by posting many valuable posts .
                 At the same time I am thankful to the remaining users also who are giving their valuable support in taking this forum to good heights . I extend my support in all of the  types which our moderators expect . 
                                                                                                                               Thank  You,
                                                                                                                                 N I C K Y .

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Hi Guys I am Hari,New to this forum,24Male from USA.......Just come here to share our opinions with each others .Welcome to all........Wish u a happy life !
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