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Dear Friends

How to set in Horizontal lines to be arranged in Vertical lines it is possible ?

(ms excel lo addam ga vunna cell columns nu addamga one by one krinda pakka ante...niluvuga...ela amarchukovaali ?

ante addamga vunnavi niluvuga....varasaga raavaaali

daya chesi telisina vallu cheppagalaru

it is most necessary for us.

Thanking you

yours Ram Prasad

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swap row elements with column elements :

select & copy the required elements in the row(s)

[Image: 001.png]

go to a new sheet / new cell
select "paste special ..."
select transpose checkbox - click ok

[Image: 002.gif]

[Image: 003.png]
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Dear Friend,

This is the solution

1. Meeru meeku kavalasina datanu select chesukoni  COPY or CTR+C press cheyandi. (Ante Addangavunna Data)

2. Tharuvatha Meeku ekkadaithe a data kavalo a Cell ku vellandi

3. ippudu PASTE SPECIAL option select chesukondi.

4. Ippudu meeku konno options vastayi.  Andhulo TRANSPOSE ane option yokka box tick chesi enter kottandi.

5. Ippudu meeku data niluvuga vasthundi.

EE command viceersa panchesthundi ante addagavunna datani niluvuga,  niluvugavunna data ni addamga chesukovachu.

meeku ee option panichesthe ayithe meeru reply ivvandi.

Dear member,

inka easyga edaina option unte meeru cheppagalaru



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row aMta select cEsi, notepad lO paste cEsi select-all cEsi, ms-word lO paste cEsi, find and replace dvArA mArpu cEsi dAnini marala excel lO paste cEstE mIru anukunna vidhaMgA vastuMdi
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