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blogulu sontha dominelo undalante emcheyalo vivaranga thelupagalaru.


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See this site You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

ee site vaallu free hosting name, free domain name offer chestunnaru.

.com , .net etc., ilaa meeku emi extn kaavaalanna u can get.

but meeru wordpress lone blogging cheyavalasi vuntundi.

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This is a waste if you really want a Blog with your own domain name.some of the disadvantages are

Your domain is not registered on your name so according to ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers)you will get any rights on your domain.You can see an example of registration here You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. . A Domain registration is just like registering a house or land so you should have complete control on your domain.

Hyperwebenable can delete your hosting account at any time.If you Blog is good and getting good traffic they can delete your hosting acocunt and can sell your site with good trafiic for higher prices this is the thing behind hyperwebenable.

You can not control your Hosting account.You can control only your blog installed you are not allowed to control your hosting acocunt.Normally you will get a control panel for controlling everything on your hosting cna isntall forums,wikis,CMSs,your own site or a blog but this is not allowed at hyperwebenable

Keep in mind that when you register a domain with hyperwebenable though it is free you are no way the owner of the domain and you cannot transfer the domain in future.

Domains are available from 3.5USD per can get a .com for 450Rs. per year with * control
If you really want a domain and webhsoting account you can just contact Mahesh Reddy he is planning to give a complete solution for blog hosting(Domain+webspace+installation+customisation+themesinstalltion and complete support)at reasonable prices. you can contact him for more details
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