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Hello Friends
You may be know few short cut for Mozilla Firefox but here are the whole list to know more about Mozilla Firefox short cut.

CTRL + A     Select all text on a webpage
CTRL + B     Open the Bookmarks sidebar
CTRL + C     Copy the selected text to the Windows clipboard
CTRL + D     Bookmark the current webpage
CTRL + F     Find text within the current webpage
CTRL + G     Find more text within the same webpage
CTRL + H     Opens the webpage History sidebar
CTRL + I     Open the Bookmarks sidebar
CTRL + J     Opens the Download Dialogue Box
CTRL + K     Places the cursor in the Web Search box ready to type your search
CTRL + L     Places the cursor into the URL box ready to type a website address
CTRL + M     Opens your mail program (if you have one) to create a new email message
CTRL + N     Opens a new Firefox window
CTRL + O     Open a local file
CTRL + P     Print the current webpage
CTRL + R     Reloads the current webpage
CTRL + S     Save the current webpage on your PC
CTRL + T     Opens a new Firefox Tab
CTRL + U     View the page source of the current webpage
CTRL + V     Paste the contents of the Windows clipboard
CTRL + W     Closes the current Firefox Tab or Window (if more than one tab is open)
CTRL + X     Cut the selected text
CTRL + Z     Undo the last action

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Oh! That a huge list of the shortcuts for Firefox. I use Firefox too, it is one of the best browsers available in the market today. It is going to be fun surfing with such shortcuts making the process much faster and lesser painful.Thanks for the informative post.

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many thanx
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