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Hello Guys !!

I was Mozilla Firefox candidate and my friend was on the side of Opera. He had been using Opera for quite a long time and he would never change that. We decided to test our claims. After arranging two PCs for the test, I opened Firefox at mine and he opened Opera at his PC. Plan was to open several websites again and again but at the same time at both PCs, one website at a time and see which browser loads the website faster.

I am a great fan of Firefox and have trust in my choice of browser. We selected a website and typed URL in browsers. At the same time we hit enter -. I was at the Firefox while my friend was at Opera. I was taken aback when Opera loaded the website page before Firefox could. Okay! I told my friend that it could be a coincidence. So we tried again. Same result. Opera showed up the page before Firefox and loaded the website with greater speed. We tried different websites after that, but to my surprise, Opera was leading every time and in case of every website. Even we hit enter for Firefox first and then for Opera, but Opera loaded the page faster then the Firefox. It was clear that Opera is way more faster then the Firefox.

Opera is Turbo charged, having new features and technology. Many people like Firefox and consider it to be the fastest browser for internet. But the case was different here. I have also noticed that Opera loads the images in slightly low quality at first load for better performance / speed and when you hit refresh button, it loads the high quality version of images. Firefox popularity is majorly due to the Plugins and Add-ons support.

What have been your experience for Firefox? Do you prefer Opera? If so why?
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ఇదేదో స్పాం లా ఉంది. . .అయినా ఏం ఫరవా లేదు, మీ ప్రశ్న కి సమాధానం ఒకటే - firefox ని తలదన్నే బ్రౌజర్ ఇంత వరకి ఎవరూ తయారు చేయలేదు! నేను అన్నీ రకాల బ్రౌజర్ లు వాడాను వాదుతున్నాను ( ఈవెన్ అవంత్ లాంటివి కూడా వాడాను) కళ్ళు మూసుకొని ఎక్కడ ఏదుందో చెప్పగలను. . .ఏది బగుంటుందని నన్ను అడిగితే నా రేటింగ్స్ ఇవి:

1 -> FireFox                                         

2 -> Safari ( చాలా వేగంగా పని చేస్తుంది)

3 -> Chrome                                      

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Firefox doesn't use much more memory even with a lot of add-ons because of the new memory management features. By default Opera comes with turbo mode enabled. That means it will keep more stuff in memory for faster performance. I would like to know how Opera 9.5b2 behaves with turbo mode disabled.

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I am also agree with u that there is little difference between Firefox and opera. Opera loading web pages fastly than firefox, with Turbo feature. But I had observe the images of opera is poor quality. And I also agree that Firefox is the best for its cool features.....
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