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I've installed windows 7 on my new pc with a MSI P45 neo motherboard with an intel ICH10 controller (Southbridge?). When I try to rate my PC with windows 7 it says it can't do this because write caching of the drives is not enabled. So I went to the device manager but under the drives there is no policy tab where the write caching option should be. I've looked under all the tabs and options but can't find where to enable write caching. If I try to install the latest drivers for the Intel Matrix Storage Manager it says that "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software" I assume it's the matrix storage manager that I have to install since I can't actually find any SATA drivers for my motherboard. One other issue I have that may be related is that windows 7 takes 2.5+ minutes to startup. But, for 1.5 of those minutes it just sits there with the windows logo pulsating and no hard disk activity. Then, all of a sudden the hard drive light starts flashing again and it finishes loading.

Can anyone offer any help please?


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