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Is there any way by which we can know our current broad band plan and band width details ? If we change our current plan how can we be confirmed that it has changed ?

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the details will be available online at the BSNL broadband usage data service records .

[Image: bsnlbbrecords.gif]

above image is an example of BSNL broadband usage details for an old user (IP : 59.x.y.z)
similar data usage records available online for the new users (IP : 117.x.y.z)

if broadband plan is changed then it may not reflect immediately at online .
it might take about 7 working days to show the new plan details .

[Image: bsnlbborder.jpg]
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Thank you for the information mn48 garu. By the way what is name of the site you have specified in screen shot ? They have only given for me. I have submitted application for conversion from H 500 to 750 plan. when that will be affected ? Shall I continue assuming that my plan now is converted to 750 ?
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following You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. image gives a list of servers which are available for BSNL broadband
(old) users to check data usage . [ note : these may not be available for new users ]

[Image: data1servers.gif]

one of the server ( prefix http:// ) from above can be used to check the data usage .
I was using You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. to get the required images to post here Smile

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. is a very useful firefox add on for BSNL / MTNL broadband users .

plan change : if the application is submitted before 26 Jan 2010 then
your new plan should have been activated from the 1st day of this
month . please confirm the activation by calling local BSNL exchange
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I have migrated from BSNL H500 plan to H750 unlimited plan from this month.

           FEED BACK : What I observed is the download speed in H500 plan was very satisfactory. While downloading softwares the minimum download speed was atleast above 30 kbps at any time. It varied between 30 and 60 kbps and for some softwareas it was around 130 kbps. While downloading torrents the combined speed of download and upload was around 180-190 kbps. It was varying.

               But now the combined speed is around 40 kbps only. It was reduced drastically. For the softwares the download speed is only 25 kbps. The browsing speed is also reduced drastically and few sites including our forum are not loaded as they were previously. Loading gmail has become a big task now . I am not able to send a mail in gmail while downloading something. Even to reply in our forum it is taking long time. And not all the options like background colour and all are loaded now. They are loaded only after refreshing .

              There is no way to convert back to the previous plan before 1st of next month. I am going to submit application to revert back the changed plan from next month. I am personally not satisfied with this plan and suggest not to go to this if you want more download speed . Please dont think otherwise as I responded negatively . I posted my feed back seeing by which you people can save Rs. 750/- more as this is the conversion security deposit that we need to pay.

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