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The E-71 is one of Nokia’s newest and highly anticipated handset devices to hit the market. Aimed primarily at business users the E-71 was jointly released with the E66 (a non-qwerty device with sliding form factor) in June of 2008. The E-71 has had a dominating presence on the internet prior to its release in the form of spy shots that made Nokia fanatics and Symbian addicts drool. As time came closer for its release and hands on reviews appeared online, it was unanimous that the E-71 was a force to be reckoned with. This is what the community had been asking for. The exterior of the phone is something that has to be witnessed in person to truly appreciate its beauty. The choice to construct the E-71 with metal exterior pieces makes the phone look and feel like something special. The phone is primarily made up of steel while adding a solid feel does contribute to the weight of the phone. When handled it feels rather heavy, but in a good way. Along the top portion of the device resides a single speaker and power button (colored red). The left side of the device houses the IR port, microSD slot and microUSB port. The right side houses the 2.5mm stereo jack, volume rockers that sandwich a third voice button. The bottom of the device houses the charging port. This phone is one of the sturdiest units that I have used in recent years and it makes me think how I ever was satisfied with something that was constructed completely from plastic (sorry N95, N82, BlackJack 1 and 2 ). There are absolutely no creaks in this device regardless of what kind of pressure is applied. Since the phone is metal the body of the device does tend to attract a lot of oils and fingerprints. But it’s nothing that can’t be wiped down. Fortunately, Nokia did include a nice leather pouch that protects the exterior from dings and scratches and the interior of the pouch is a suede material that is supposed to wipe the surfaces clean but not very effective. The unit is firm and I hope that Nokia continues to use these types of materials in their future releases.

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