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I am a 3rd year mechanical student...........for the first time i am going to give a paper presentation(ppt)

please suggest me on this topics..............i was confused and i am felling tension to give presentation......

please help me on this below topics, i am having little bit of knowlege on making of ppt.......plz suggest me a good topic and if is there any data or ppts already made relating to that topics those will be help * for me......

plzzz send me to my mail id or post in the forum......


Automation in automobiles
Process Modeling And Simulation
Energy Conservation
Safety And Environment
Alternate fuels
Nano- Robotics and Bio- Robotics
IT in manufacturing
Machine vision
Future Automobiles
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Robotics & Automation
Microprocessor Based IC Engines
Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAMless Engines
Smart Materials
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Electrochemistry in material science
Biological and synthetic materials
Sustainable Energy

my mail id is

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Dear vivek

You have almost completed 3/4th of a Professional Degree. You have to develop on your own. Try to make something out of your choice subjects above. Even you achieve 1% of that, will be a great achievement. Basing on that you build to become a professional.

Remember the following always.

If we hear we forget!

If we see we remember!

If we do we know!

Its my heartful suggestion for the benefit of your future. A very good tutorial site below. Learn by doing. All the best!

Click on the image below

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