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Dear Friends,

Nenu Excel 2007 lo "Home" Menu lo, "Style" lo "Format as table" lo sonthamga oka Table format create chesukunnanu.

Ayithe EE table foramt naku eppudu excel open chesina kanipinchali, kaani kanipinchutaledu.  Nenu Ye fileki ayithe format create chesano a okka file ki mathrame a style vasthundi.  A format create cheseppudu set as default ane option undi.  ee option kooda o.k. chesanu.  kani na own format aa okka fileki mathrame vasthundi.  naaku a format prathi file lo apply chesedhi untundi.  kani prathisari crate chesukovalasi vasthundi.

So daya chesi evaraina excel 2007 lo custom table formatnu default ga ante excel open chesina prathisari kanipinchela cheyadam elago thelapndi. 

Friends,  idinaku koncham urgent. Iam very thankful for immediate reply and thanks in advance.


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Ramu garu meeru Advanced Office Repair v1.5 oka sari install chesukoni danilo open chesi chudandi

satish chandra

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Dear Sathish,

Thanks for your reply.

But I repaired and reinstall the office suite.  but problem was not solved.  As per my view there is no problem in the office.  I think there is setting I didnot know.  If possible plese spend some more time on this.  Thanks in advance.




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