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Hai friends,

One of my friend wants to buy a folding facility Wheelchair to his younger orthopaedic handicapped brother. But he doesn't know the places where these wheelchairs will available to purchase in Hyderabad city. So, if any members of this forum knows about these details very well please reply to this post. Looking forward to your valuable information. Thanks in advance.

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Meeku kavalasina wheel chair nampally lo dorukutundi akkada chala surgicals shops unnai meeku akkada dorukutundi nampally railway station bayataku vachina taruvatha right side ki velithea signal vastundi akkada surgicals shops untai akkada dorukutundi phone no.repu teliya chestanu.

ok by.

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Thank alot Siva Reddy gaaru for your valuable information. Smile

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However, if you look a folding wheelchair you might to try this folding electric wheelchair is a great improvement after the standard wheelchair. It allows the user to be very mobile. I think that this will good to your brother. There are many sites that you can visit and take some order.

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