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Hi I have Dell  Latitude D620 model laptop.Unfortunately it was locked i forgotten password.while starting my laptop it is asking is giving 3 attempts to enter password and it is restarting.My laptop its not in warranty period and i do not have purchase prrof also.Now my request is how to know password of my laptop.Please give me any software to break  password.Thanks in advance

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is it laptop's password before loading operating system
OR is it a windows OS password to log-in to operate it

working with laptops passwords can be a difficult process & I do not think that
we can suggest solutions in a straight way ... it needs personal testing & might
require much time and patience . I sent you You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. / mail some time back
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Hi moderator..thanks for ur is system bios password(Dell latitude D620)Bios password.its not windows password.Please tell me how to break or how to reset laptop bios password.Thanks in advance

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if you know opening of the laptop then the trial method is :
* (should be done with utmost care)

1. remove power plug & main battery
2. remove ram cards & other accessories
3. remove all screws & remember their places
4. remove the CMOS battery from motherboard
5. wait for half an hour
6. put back the CMOS battery , put every thing back

if your Laptop uses a simple protection method then the password might be
removed by above process . but it might not if it uses a powerful protection

let me warn that using programs to kill the password actually kills your laptop

a laptop needs careful inspection to remove its BIOS password .
it is not an easy process ; might require much time & patience Sad
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