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Hi Friends,

                        The default system restore option in windows XP is showing restore points related to the current month only. It is not allowing to view the old restore points (not even last month's) . I observed that XP is only able to restore the system to the restore point what user has created manually but not to the restore points created automatically by the OS . If we try also it shows that the system was not able to be restored .

                  I didnt create any restore point in this month and it is showing only system check point which was created by OS and oldest restore points are cleared it seems. How to restore my system to old restore point which was created by me in the last month ? How to make all restore points active which were created by user ? Increasing the space for system restore helps? Please give me advice.

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usually windows should generate a new restore point at every boot (depends on settings) ;
old restore points are deleted if necessary to make space available for new restore points .

increasing space for system restore should certainly help in keeping old restore points .

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