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Dear Friends,

                       My pc is installed with Realtek internal sound card. I am using XP OS. Before one month I observed that my pc was not able to play sounds(even system sounds) . I thought there might be some problem in drivers and reinstalled them and problem was solved.

             Before 3 days I found the same problem and I checked with win 7 where it is working fine as my pc has dual operating systems installed . I tried by disabling the sound device from the adjust audio properties option and going to realtek sound card properties and enabling it again and the problem was solved.

            But today again I got the same problem and I tried what ever solutions I know regarding this and the problem persists. Reinstalling the drivers will fix this but its becoming a tough task to reinstall the drivers. As far as i know there is no virus or malware in my pc as I take care of them regularly . Why is this happening again and again ?         

              I request any hardware specialist to Please suggest me a better solution so that I need not reinstall the audio drivers and not to get the problem again and again . Thanks in advance.

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you may try like this :

uninstall the sound card thru your device manager in xp
along with deleting of driver software for sound card .

restart your system . new hardware found wizard should
appear . let it find required drivers thru browse option ...

[Image: driverbrowse.gif]

browse to the directory of drivers and let the system find & install
them . this should solve your problem . report back with the result
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Thank you for responding mn48 garu. But I have even checked that also but its of no use.

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