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nenu mariyu na frnds using internet connection nfs mw(neef for speed most wanted)game adaliani anukuntunnam.

but nenu chana rakaluga try chesanu using hamachi,tunngle....but no use, chana videos obsereve chesanu and tutorials chusanu , kani raledu.............

plz........if anyone know how to create server for "nfs mw "please describe with the slides clearly                                                                                                                                                                           my os-xp sp2


Processor-core2due 3.0 ghz

with graphic card

using nfs mw 1.3

plese slove my problem............

thank you..Smile

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You not said about the network configuration of your system.
Please reply with the type of connection and Router(if any).
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i am using beamtelecom connection 256kbps,

i just wanted to play using internet connection with my friends who are sitting in ther homes ,by creating a server and all to join on that server and then to start playing.
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I am asking what kind of Connection you are using I don't know how beamtelecom will provide you connection.
They use a Individual router ?(like BSNL) or a direct cable connection?
The first thing you should do is to open the port (google for NFSMW port number)If you can access the router you can easily do it using Port forwarding if you are behind NAT or DMZ.Try to open the post configured for NFSMW

Also can you please give me the warning or error message while running the server?(or a screenshot).You should also keep in mind that if you install NSFMW on both systems with same - it will not work.

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my connection is direct cable connection. no router

and how to open a port ?
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