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hii....3 months job training and certificate walk-ins ki velinapudu use avtunda..........leka java cerfication course cheyatam best na........plzzzzz suggest me.......and cmc liberty lo training and recuipment ela untadi.......

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if you give your educational background then it helps in responding to above query.

job training certificate OR java certificate alone doesn't help in getting a good job.
such certificates help in boosting your confidence. technical skills & communication
skills fetch a good job. And CMC is one of good institutes - you may join it ...
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Thanku very much for reply me.....i m completed my btech in 2010 in cse stream......

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Swathi garu if you are a fresher then I dont think you opt for a certification. Just developing your communication skills and a bit strong in technical stuff is sufficient as most of the questions for the freshers will be aptitude type and from your btech sylllabus. But if you are not a fesher and seeking a career in JAVA then as a Sun certified guy I suggest you to go for sun certification . Really It helps to become perfect in the subject. Just going through the dumps and passing the exam is not sufficient . You have to be very strong in certification stuff . As everyone knows JAVA is a bit tougher, first decide whether to continue in JAVA or not. If you have any more queries feel free to mail me .

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Hello,Though this is no way related to your post but I want to tell you and people here some real things who are believing that trainings and certifications are must and those who know only about Java and .net

I don't know why people are crazy about .net ,it is just a framework with set of pre-compiled functions and classes developed by buggy Microsoft. People don't even know what .net is though it is clearly stated as .net Framework many think that it is a different Programming language which is not true.Using a Framework will reduce the time required for developing and coding.

Next about Java,Yes Java is good for web-development and Mobile app development.SUN (Stanford University Network) struggled hard in bringing Java to this stage (Oracle bought SUN some months back).There are many frameworks in Java also like Spring,Google Web Tookit(GWT).I don't know if these Hyderabadi Institutes teaching Java frameworks which are necessary for developing robust apps in this modern age.I believe that they are still teaching the Java basics nothing more than it.
Just before joining get these questions answered by your Trainee if they are willing to teach you at least about some basic Frameworks and MVC(Model View Controller) Architecture.

Further Java and .net are not the only things there are many here it is a must to talk about PHP scripting language.This forum runs on PHP script PHP is the best scripting language for web-development it rules the internet for the simplicity (don't matter about the security it depends on the coder).Try to learn PHP if you can that is good and will help for sure in future.Like in Java there are frameworks available for PHP also some of them are Codeigniter, Yii-Framework etc.,

Next we will go to Ruby the language which is hot on web now.Ruby is a Programming language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto(from Japan).It is easy and secure but a bit difficult to deploy the application on server not like PHP.Here you should know about the framework 'Ruby on Rails' which is simply called as RoR,the leading web framework now.sites like You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. , You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. , You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. are made on Ruby using Ruby on Rails Framework.RoR Framework = 80% less coding and time.

And finally about the Job training and Certification.Many(my lecturers) said me that my ultimate goal is to get a job i feel this is not correct for just doing a job(for living) this much technical base is not needed(Yes me too completed 4th B.Tech 3 days back in E.C.E).One of my friend who left college in 2nd year is earning a 5 number money per month by doing a work which is not related to the field he studied for 2 years,so i don't believe that our ultimate goal is to get a job where we work for 8-10 hours per day and get some salary after messing with brain without getting any knowledge nothing more than it.

Why only depending on some one for earning money (by doing a job under another person)?Try to be a freelancer, you are 100% yours and you can take your own decisions.(Yes I am a freelancer I will work only If I am interested).

Why Certification is needed? I think this is also not a must I don't have any certificates in my hands which certify me that I am a professional is that or this.But still people will give me projects which range from 2000Rs to 50000Rs.They need there work to be done but not my certification.

Me too completed B.Tech in E.C.E 3 days back Wink


Note: The views expressed here are my personal opinions with the knowledge I earn from 3 to 4 years of experience no part of this post can be considered as a serious suggestion (that is up to you )
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