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System lo "E Drive" Defragment chestunte ee vidamga error vastundi. nenu orginal antivirus(kaspersky) software vadutunanu. system on chesina pratisari E Drive Scan avutundi. Avaraina diniki adaina pariskaram teliyajeyagalaru.

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Swathi garu it seems that check disk was scheduled on e drive of the system. Generally this will be done at the start up of the system. So you dont interrupt that by pressing any - while the check disk function is going on. As far as I know if that gets completed you wont get such a type of error again.

                To manually do the check disk go to e drive in the explorer window , right click on that , select properties and go to tools tab and click check now. This will be done when you restart your system . Let it continue after restarting your pc. But you might not need this as it is already scheduled on e drive previously .


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Thanq sir. Try chesi result post chesta.

Thanq very much.

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