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Dear Friends

I want pdf file to word file or excel file. please give suggestions


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Quote:Nuance PDF Reader enables you to do much more than just view PDF files. You can convert
PDF files to Word, Excel, and RTF via a hosted web service. Use annotation tools to highlight,
cross-out, and underline text for more effective collaboration

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Quote:reference source : Eenadu Dt: 17 June 2010
పీడీఎఫ్‌ ఫైల్స్‌ని సులభమైన ఇంటర్ఫేస్‌లో యాక్సెస్‌ చేయాలంటే?
వర్డ్‌, ఎక్సెల్‌, ఆర్‌టీఎఫ్‌ ఫైల్స్‌గా మార్చుకోవాలంటే?
NuancePDF Reader ఉండాల్సిందే!
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