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Dear Friends,

                         I have downloaded a movie which is of type mp4 . But after opening the movie in vlc player (the latest one), it is not being played normally instead it is played like online streaming video with low frame rate . The clarity is quite good . All the remaining movies what I have downloaded are played well . As it is of size 5gb, I cant download it again . Is there any problem with the source ? I request you to suggest some solution to use the same video .

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Mr.kiran u have specified that u have used the latest VLC player did u tried in any other media players some times VLC cant play the movies that which it supports once try out the "KLM codec" that which supports all the formats and best than VLC player

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Dear Friend,

                        Thank you for the response given. I have installed klm codec and it has sloved my problem . But this video was played well previously as it was downloaded before 6 months . Why I dont know the problem has come now . What might be the reason ?

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The video is played well now even in vlc player also . Why is it so ?

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Nicky గారు,

mp4 వీడియోలు ప్లే కావడానికి FFD Shadow, MPEG Decoder లాంటి కొన్ని కోడెక్ లు మన సిస్టమ్ లో ఉండి ఉండాలి.

మీరు K-Lite Player ను ఇన్స్టాల్ చేసినపుడు పై కోడెక్ లు ఆటోమేటిక్ గా మీ కంప్యూటర్లోకి ఇన్స్టాల్ అవుతాయి.

అందువలన ఇపుడు VLC Player లో కూడా ప్లే అవుతుండవచ్చు.

*అన్నీ వీడియోలను సక్రమంగా ప్లే చేయడానికి ప్రస్తుతం BS Player Pro చాలా బాగా ఉపయోగపడుతుంది.

mp4 గురించి పూర్తి వివరాలను ఈ క్రింది లింక్ లలో చదువగలరు.

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