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Dear Friends,

                                 I have taken one hard disk while buying the pc which is of IDE type in 2k6. Before 6 months I have installed one more hard disk . After installing the second one, after few days I found that much sound is coming from cpu (i guess it might be from the newly configured hard disk) .

             The sound is more while disk cleaning function is going on (this resembles exactly with the sound coming from a siren in a factory). This sound is pretty much disturbing during nights and more than that I worry about the performance .

          Does this affect the hard disk performance ? I request our forum members to treat it as a serious problem and suggest some solution to get rid of the sound and not to get any problem from the sound .

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as I understand it , one of your hard discs is going to fail soon ...

please observe the sound while computer is accessing the hard discs .

try to find out which hard disk is making the noise by removing cover
of computer & keen observation . you need to find noise making one ,
take backup of that disk & remove it as it might fail to work soon Sad

you may also perform hard disc analyzing tests by using the utility from
manufacturer (disc / website) . however I do not recommend repeating
the tests as it also affects the performance of the hard disc ...
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Dear friend are you sure that the sound is coming from hard disk only ? Actually the sound is coming from past 7-8 months.

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well, there can be two other reasons ; noise can be from fan(s) & in-built speaker ...
if it is from hard disc then you certainly need back-up of the important contents
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