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Hi Friends,

In this video, I have changed audio track and little bit video edits for time pass. Watch and give your feed back, Are they (Video and Audio) matched? or not?

In my opinion 20% matched over all track. Smile

[Image: mahi_sig.jpg]
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mahi garu simply super
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I’m interested in seeing some films of NTR Junior (also known just as NTR, or N.T.R. Jr., Jr. NTR, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, etc.). He is the grandson of the late NTR, the famous yesteryear Telugu actor and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

From watching NTR Jr. in Andhrawala, I figured he was just another film fraternity kid that starred in overhyped, silly, flop-type movies. But when I was chatting with an Indian friend-of-a-friend from Andhra Pradesh this past weekend, he told me NTR Jr. was his favorite actor. I respect this friend's taste, so the cogs in my head started turning- is NTR Jr. considered a *good* actor? Which movies of his are best? From what I’ve read online, the opinions about him in general run the spectrum, though he seems to have a huge fan base, and he recently lost a LOT of weight and looks completely different than he did a few years ago.
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