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Tutorial On How To Change Boot Screen Of Windows Using Tuneup Utilities Software

                            Go to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. and download the software .

After installing tune up utilities software you will get two links as TuneUp Utilities and TuneUp Utilities one click maintenance.

                 Go to TuneUp Utilities link and double click it .The start page gets opened . Go to customize windows tab and click it. 

Then click change boot screen tab in first sub menu i.e. TuneUp Styler .  Then click create new tab . Go to select image tab and click open image and select your photo.

You can set the position of the image , change the foreground etc.

After that click save boot screen tab by giving some name .

The current screen goes off and previous screen will resume.  By default the picture what you have selected will be active now .

Then click install tab present at the right bottom .

Now your picture will be shown as the boot screen when you restart the system.

           In the same way you can even change the logon screen. At any time you can select the original boot screen by clicking use default button present at the bottom.

              You can even download more welcome screens by visiting the TuneUp Utilities web site.

Please give your valuable feedback and suggestions if any . Thank you .

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Dear Mr Kiran

as well as tuneup utilities 2010 version this...!! (Just interface diff. anthe. migatha mamule)

Thank you very much for your valuable info....!!

Go a head
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