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Windows 7 - 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD (Segate) Quad -


ippudu additional ga inkoka 250 GB Hard Disk nu cpu ku attach chestunnappu BIOS lo detect avutondi.  but My Computer lo Drives kottavi ga kanapadatam ledu.


Windows- XP format chesi chuste....Brahmandam ga kanapadutunnayi


Windows 7 version vaadutunna vallaku ila additional ga (external Hard disk kakunda) internal ga set chesukuni additional space podadam kudurutunda...?

veelu vunte vivaram ga teliya cheyagalaru.

Thanks in Advance

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Quote:Windows 7 users: Start-->right click Computer-->Manage-->Storage-->Disk Management.
My second hard drive (both 1TB Western Digitals) was listed as offline.
Right click the disc number (mine was Disc 3) and select online.
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