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Photo shop lo lighting effect gurinchi telusukundam.
[Image: 1124201040233pm.png]

1.File>new layer nu Ee kinda chupina vidanga tisukondi.
[Image: 1124201034252pm.png]

2.layer lo selection tool tisukoni Ee vidanga drag cheyandi.
[Image: 1124201034556pm.png]

3.color palet lo color nu select chesukovali.
[Image: 1124201034704pm.png]

4.ippudu layers lo color layer meada right click chesi bending option nu enchukovali.
[Image: 1124201034833pm.png]

5.ippudu blending option lo Ee kinda chupina vidanga inner shadow ki tik petti shadow clolor nu enchukovali.
[Image: 1124201034931pm.png]

[Image: 1124201035014pm.png]

6.color nu enchukunna taruvata shadow size nu select chusukoni ok botton nu click cheyali.
[Image: 1124201035052pm.png]

7.typing tool tisukoni kinda chupin vidanga type chesukovali.
[Image: 1124201044429pm.png]

8.ippudu text font nu size nu select chesukovali.
[Image: 1124201035249pm.png]

9.text layer meeda right click chesi Ee kinda chupina vidanga blending option nu enchukovali.
[Image: 1124201040124pm.png]

10.ippudu color layer mariyu text layer nu Ctrl+E to merge cheyandi. taruvata new layer nu select cheyali. ippudu text layer nu khali layer paiki move chesi Ctri+E to merge cheyandi
[Image: 1124201035333pm.png]

[Image: 1124201044406pm.png]

11. ippudu Filter lo lighting option click cheyandi.
[Image: 1124201035424pm.png]

12. Ee kinda chupina vidanga lighting effect nu select chesukoni ok botton pai click cheyandi.
[Image: 1124201035510pm.png]
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