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Dear Sir

When i see telugu websites like You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. the following error is shown.Please give your valuble suggesstions and problem rectified purpose give soft ware down load link

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have you forgot to post the error Smile
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Dear friends

previously I have not attached word file, sorry?

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from the attached image file, it is clear that flash player plugin
is disabled in your firefox browser. you may check it by typing
about:plugins on addressbar of your firefox browser.

to enable flashplayer : goto plugins section on toolbar
Tools --> Add-ons --> Plugins

you can see Shockwave Flash as disabled (in grayed text)
and there is a button on its right side which says enable.
so click on that button and close firefox & restart it.

now the flash player plugin should be enabled in firefox &
you can see the flash animations on your firefox browser.
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