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 The cost of creating a website by hiring a You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. firm is too expensive nowadays.
But you can create a website yourself for much less. Even if your resources are a bit low, you can create a good website, provided you throw in a great deal of time. Either, you can spend a huge amount and get a good website up and running in 2-3 weeks, or you can spend your own time and get the same output in 2-6 months. You may also hire cheap designers, but the quality of their work is questionable. But if you do it yourself, you need to learn the way from the basics, which will require a lot of time, skills and effort. Another option is to get website templates/blocks which are quite cheap. You just have to learn how to put them together. It doesn’t require much skills and it provides the best balance between time and money.
To create a site yourself, you have to use website builder software which is of two main categories:
1) Software which helps with the technical side: like web hosting, domain names etc. It can either be online/offline, free/paid software.
2) Site builders which help with the non-technical side; how to make the site more visually attractive, user-friendly and get more income etc. In short: HOW TO MAKE IT REALLY WORK?
But the problem with site builder software is that most of them are complicated to use and sometimes the final output becomes totally useless. Sometimes it turns out to be frustrating and not worth the money. You may even get better luck with free website builders who may get the job done with the same quality or even better!
However, if the purpose of your website is to sell and market your products and services online (and not for personal purposes) by attracting people i.e., to make yourself popular, then it is important to get a professional website design company which can help you achieve these goals.
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