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hello friends

monna varaku windows7 use chese vani suddendly crash ayeendhi sir
naa system configuration : pentium 4 inside 2.4 ghz
ram 1 gb hard disk 40 gb

windows 7 re-installing avatledhu sir
booting tisukovatledhu sir dvd rom lo
kani cd writer lo matram boot avuthundhi xp os kuda install avuthundhi kaani windows 7 avatledhu so cd rom problem ledhu dvd rom kuda xp os install avuthundhi
so dvd rom kuda problem ledhu, but windows 7 install avatledhu booting tisukovatledhu yendhukani plz help me sir?
bios lo kuda configuration correct gane vunnayeee...

enthakamundhe windows 7 install chesanu ayeendhi kaani eppudu avatledhu endhukani plzzzzzzzzzzzz?

thanking u sir?

with regards
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hallo pavan
first you have to check that your dvd rom is reading the win 7 dvd ,because you said that your cd & dvd drives are reading xp cd. i known that the drives can loss the reading power i.e. dvd drive or dvd rw can loss their reading power of cds or dvds they only read any one due to loader problem.So first conform that your dvd drive is reading the win7 dvd for that you first start the pc in xp operating system and check the dvd.
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