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How to Upload PDF files into Blogger Blog?

By default, Blogger do not support uploading pdf files. Still there are other options to share pdf files via blogger. Some among them are:

1. Upload pdf files to file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Hotfile etc. But for non members files will be deleted after particular days or particular No. of downloads. Therefore this option is not the ideal

2. You can start a group in Google groups and upload pdf files there and post the link in your blog. (Individual pdf file limit upto 2 MB, Total file sizes are 100 MB limit) - Option Seems to be OK

3. Open pdf file in Photoshop each page at once. Save (Alt+Ctrl+Shift) them as image format like GIF, JPEG, PNG and upload them directly to Blogger. - Most preferred Option If No. of pages are limited

4. Using Gmail: If you already have Gmail, just login to your account, compose an email, attach the file to that email, send it to youself, open the attached file as HTML, then copy and paste it to your website. Easy way But it only converts, from PDF to HTML

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there is another better way for it.
upload that pdf file either in the or after uploading those documents search for share this button. after that this will show a lot options find the button share and embedded and then they will show html flash or format like that choose html.

then go to blogger and go for a new post give the name of your book.

below the title there are two options on right side compose and edit html. click on edit html and paste that code here and click compose. that it. but i recommed because it provides the option that the viewer can watch the pdf file as total pdf document as well as a scroll options. and you can choose the width of the block also. thanks for reading. sorry for my english.

here is the sample web site.

each page by slide options
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