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The Times Education Series GCSE Physics by The Times
Platform: Windows NT / 98 / 2000 / Me / 95 | 3 July 2003 | ASIN: B00005B4PL | ISO | Language: English | 582 MB

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The GCSE Physics CD is an invaluable resource for any student taking this subject. Superb animations are instrumental in explaining concepts, interactive exercises offer opportunity for practice, simulated lab experiments reinforce theoretical examples and mock exams help to prepare students for the final exam. The package is well presented, thoroughly comprehensive and is suitable for students studying GCSE Physics as a single subject and / or those doing a Science Double Award. The program is divided into four sections, covering Forces & Motion, Electricity & Magnetism, Matter, the Earth, the Stars & the Planets, Waves & Optics.

Contains comprehensive teaching material to cover the National Curriculum Syllabus. Stimulates learning through interactive exercises. Provides sample examination questions with model solutions, Covers all U.K. examination board syllabuses. Supports classroom teaching. Useful for self-tuition and revision. Authored by practising teachers. Caters for all levels of ability. Fully narrated with accompanying music (both narration and music can be turned on or off).

GCSE Physics

- Acceleration
- Elasticity
- Moments
- Pressure
- Graphical Methods
- Density
- Momentum
- Circular Motion
- Projectiles

- Stars
- Planets
- The Earth
- The Moon
- The Sun
- Energy
- Resources
- Life Cycles of Stars
- Origin of the Universe
- Seasons
- Nuclear Engery

- Electric Circuits and Power
- Ohm's Law
- Variable and Non Linear Resistors
- Electricity in the home
- Structure of Atoms
- Electric Charge
- Magnets
- Motors
- Transformers
- National Grid

- Reflection
- Diffraction
- Interference
- Longitudinal and Transverse Waves
- Radio Waves
- Wave Velocity
- Theory of Colour
- XRays
- Gamma Rays
- Electromagnetic Spectrum
- Refraction of Light
- Amplitude
- wave Length
- Frequency & Velocity

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Hai drk sorry to say file sonic is diabled to download please another downloadable link
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