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nenu prastutamu tally 7.2 vadutunnanu, naku oka doubt undi. salary advances anedi current asset. nenu prastutamu staff anea catageryku mariyu technician anea catageryku salary advances istunnanu, naku group summary salary advances click chestea staff, technicians anta vastunnai prastutamu. naku salary advance group summary click chestea staff advances anea sub group mariyu technicians staff advances anea sub group ravali idi ela create cheyalo dayachesi telupagalaru
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I have a problem with my multi channel publishing. It won’t work. I’d like to create a website of my own in order to post my pictures and videos and other materials for my family and friends can see them since I don’t live in my home country any more. But multi channel publishing won’t work and that occurred after I set some pages to private so that only limited number of people can access them. What the problem can be and how to solve it?
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