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మా ఆఫీసు లో కొంతమంది స్టాఫ్ వర్క్ చేయకుండా ఇతర websites చూస్తూ టైం వేస్ట్ చేస్తున్నారు. మా సైట్ తప్ప ఇతర సైట్ లు ఓపెన్ అవ్వకుండా. బ్లాక్ చెయ్యొచ్చా.

ప్రసన్న కుమార్
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yes, U can block in 2 ways. 1. block the website in Proxy server and 2. in /winnt/system32/drivers/hosts file redirect the website to ip address.[/font]
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Thanks for your reply. I know blocking website from hosts file. but i want to block all websites except some websites.
ex: can only open only. Other websites is to be blocked.
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If you are using NOD32 antivirus, give it a try.

Dobule click NOD32 icon which appears besides the clock. After opening the window press F5. You can see web access protection at right side. Select it, in the left pan chek allow only ..... put a list of site addresses you want to allow.

I used this feature to block specific URLs like Facebook in a friends home.

Try it and post your experience, which will be useful to other members of forum. If you want link for NOD32 check the attached text file.

[Image: 2f7e85.jpg]

.txt  nod32.txt (Size: 614 bytes / Downloads: 12)

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