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My system became corrupted. It became very slow and could not open the saved files.Every time I start my PC it starts as if it is a fresh start. Should I format my PC or is there any other solution. Please suggest me what to do?
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You didn't mention basic things about your computer configuration, OS, Usage of applications, frequency and duration of the occurrence of your problem. So it is not so easy to give you a solution. Any how you do start your system in safe mode using F8 at the time of booting. After booting in Safe mode is completed and once you have your desktop in front of you do the following in order

1. Click Start and Open the Control Panel
2. Go to System and Maintenance, Click on System.
3. Select Advanced System Settings and choose Advance tab.
4. Under Startup and Recovery, click on Settings.
5. Under System failure uncheck Automatically restart.

Then restart your system and revert back with your result!
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hello sir, it is better to format... & take a backup of ghost image for C drive
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(19-May-2011 01:18 AM)anveshleo Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.Thank You. I will follow your advice.
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