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Corel draw 12 load chesina taruvata konni rojulu normalga work jarugutundi. Taruvata automaticga cmyk output nundi RGB output loki convert avutunnai. corel 11 lo ilanti problem ledu. kani corel draw 11 lo telugu fontsni curve cheste avi sariga curve kavadam ledu. please help cheyyandi.
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Coreldraw versions less than 12 have problem for script fonts and Indian Language fonts if converted into curves. To some extent you can solve this by clicking the icon mentioned in the enclosed image.

[Image: 33266392857784756597.png]

From v12 onwards it is solved. I an not well versed with cmyk / rgb problem U mentioned. Now v.15 is available. Why cant you try this version. Colour management is excellent in this version. Even if you import AI file you can see the same colour.

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