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Locking your computer is very important for data security and privacy. Companies always encourage their employees to lock their computer when they are not at their desk. People uses CTRL+ALT+DEL to get the lock option screen and then choose lock from there.

[Image: lock-computer-thumb.gif]

You can lock your PC with single hit and that will of course reduce the time of locking the computer. Hit “Windows + L” and your computer is locked. “Windows” is the - on keyboard besides the ALT - and it is used to get “Start” menu on PC.

[Image: windows-l---thumb.jpg]

Always make a practice to lock your computer when you are not around. Use “Windows + L” - to do that in a second and enjoy your privacy.

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థాంక్యూ శ్రీనాథ్ గారు,

మంచి మంచి టిప్స్ తెలియచేస్తున్నారు, థాంక్యూ

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