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Networking Material Plz send urgent
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LinuxCBT NIDS(Network Intrusion Detection System) Edition | 613MB

This Covers the Intrusion Detection System, feat SNORT this helps a person to get knowledge about Network Security
and Intrusion Detection in the field of Network Security.

Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) Security - Module 1

* Snort NIDS - Installation
o Peruse the LinuxCBT Security Edition classroom network topology
o Download Snort
o Import G/PGP public - and verify package integrity
o Identify & download - Snort dependencies
o Install current libpcap - Packet Capture Library
o Establish security configuration baseline

* Snort NIDS - Sniffer Mode
o Discuss sniffer mode concepts & applications
o Sniff IP packet headers - layer-3/4
o Sniff data-link headers - layer-2
o Sniff application payload - layer-7
o Sniff application/ip packet headers/data-link headers - all layers except physical
o Examine packets & packet loss
o Sniff traffic traversing interesting interfaces
o Sniff clear-text traffic
o Sniff encrypted streams

* Snort NIDS - Logging Mode
o Discuss logging mode concepts & applications
o Log traffic using default PCAP/TCPDump format
o Log traffic using ASCII mode & examine output
o Discuss directory structure created by ASCII logging mode
o Control verbosity of ASCII logging mode & examine output
o Enhance packet logging analysis by defaulting to binary logging
o Discuss default nomenclature for binary/TCPDump files
o Alter binary output options
o Use Snort NIDS to read binary/TCPDump files

* Snort NIDS - Berkeley Packet Filters (BPFs)
o Explain the advantages to utilizing BPFs
o Discuss BPF directional, type, and protocol qualifiers
o Identify clear-text based network applications and define appropriate BPFs
o Execute Snort NIDS in sniffer mode with BPFs enabled to match interesting traffic
o Log to the active pseudo-terminal console and examine the packet flows
o Combine BPF qualifiers to increase packet-matching capabilities
o Use logical operators to define more flexible BPFs
o Read binary TCPDump files using Snort & BPFs
o Execute Snort NIDS in logging/daemon mode

* Snort NIDS - Cisco Switch Configuration
o Examine the current network configuration
o Identify Snort NIDS sensors and centralized DBMS Server
o Create multiple VLANs on the Cisco Switch
o Secure the Cisco Switch configuration
o Isolate internal and external hosts, sensors and DBMS systems
o Configure SPAN - Port Mirroring for internal and external Snort NIDS Sensors
o Examine internal and external packet flows

* Snort NIDS - Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) Mode
o Discuss NIDS concepts & applications
o Prepare /etc/snort - configuration directory for NIDS operation
o Explore the snort.conf NIDS configuration file
o Discuss all snort.conf sections
o Download & install community rules
o Execute Snort in NIDS mode with TCPDump compliant output plugin
o Download & install Snort Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) rules
o Compare & contrast community rules to VRT rules

* Snort NIDS - Output Plugin - Barnyard Configuration
o Discuss features & benefits
o Configure Syslog based logging and examine results
o Configure Snort to log sequentially to multiple output locations
o Implement unified binary output logging to enhance performance
o Discuss concepts & features associated with post-processing Snort logs
o Download and install current barnyard post-processor
o Use barnyard to post-process logs to multiple output destinations

* Snort NIDS - BASE - MySQL� Implementation
o Discuss benefits of centralized console reporting for 1 or more Snort sensors
o Re-compile Snort on both sensors to support MySQL logging
o Configure MySQL on Database Management System (DBMS) Host
o Implement Snort database schema on DBMS Host
o Configure Snort to log output to MySQL DBMS Host
o Confirm output logging to the MySQL DBMS Host
o Prepare DBMS Host for BASE console installation
o Install BASE and complete schema extension
o Peruse BASE interface

* Snort NIDS - Rules Configuration & Updates
o Discuss the concept of rules as related to Snort NIDS
o Examine Snort rule syntax
o Peruse pre-defined Snort rules
o Download & configure oinkmaster to automatically update Snort rules
o Confirm oinkmaster operation

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LearnKey - Wireless Network Administration (DVD 1 to 5)
• The popularity of wireless networks is exploding, and with it, demand for trained wireless IT professionals. In the Wireless Networking course from LearnKey, you?ll learn the fundamentals of wireless LANs from a vendor-neutral perspective. Expert instructor Michael Storm takes you through radio frequency (RF) technologies, industry standards, site surveys, wireless security issues and much more. At the conclusion of this course you?ll be prepared to implement, manage, and troubleshoot wireless networks, and be prepared to pass the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) exam.
• Session 1

• Section A: CWNP Introduction
o CWNP Certification Program
o Levels of Certification
o Course Overview
o Course Objectives

• Section B: Wireless Application
o History
o Standards
o Roles
o Last Mile Delivery
o Mobility
o Wireless LANs

• Section C: Radio Frequency Technology
o Radio Frequency
o Behaviors
o Gain/Loss
o Reflection/Refraction
o Diffraction/Scattering
o Absorption
o VSWR Measurements

• Section D: Antennas
o Principals
o Line of Sight/Fresnel Zone
o Obstructions
o Antenna Gain
o Intentional Radiator

• Section E: RF Mathematics
o Power Calculation
o Units of Measure
o Power Gain/Loss
o dBm
o dBi
o Sample Calculation

• Section F: Spread Spectrum
o Overview
o Narrowband/High Power
o Wideband/Low Power
o Usage
o Wireless LANs
o Wireless PANs
o Wireless MANs

• Session 2

• Section A: Spread Spectrum Technologies
o FCC Specifications
o FHSS Interference
o FHSS Channel
o Timing
o DSSS Channels
o DSSS Interference

• Section B: FHSS vs. DSSS
o Comparison Factors
o Interference/Cost
o Co-location
o Equipment
o Data Rates
o Security
o Standards Support

• Section C: Wireless Access Points
o Device Types
o Access Points
o Access Modes
o Access Point Options
o Antenna Options
o Filtering/Modular Cards
o Variable Power/Wired Connectivity
o Mounting Access Points

• Section D: Access Point Features
o Enterprises
o Management

• Section E: Client Devices
o LAN Devices
o Adaptors
o PCI & ISA Adaptors
o Configuring Devices

• Section F: Infrastructure Devices
o Wireless Bridges
o Workgroup Bridges
o Common Options
o Residential Gateways
o Enterprise Wireless Gateways
o Device Management

• Section G: Antenna Types
o Antenna Selection
o Dipole
o Semidirectional
o Highly Directional

• Session 3

• Section A: Tuning Antennas
o RF Antenna Concepts
o Polarization
o Antenna Gain/Beamwidth
o Free Space Path Loss
o Installation
o Orientation/Alignment
o Safety

• Section B: Power Over Ethernet
o Usage
o Compatibility
o Voltage Pinout Standards

• Section C: RF Accessories
o Accessory Types
o RF Amplifier
o RF Attenuators
o Lightning Arrestors
o RF Splitters
o RF Connectors
o RF Cables
o RF Pigtail

• Section D: Organizations
o Organizational Roles
o FCC Role
o ISM vs. U-NII
o IEEE 802-11b
o IEEE 802.11a/IEEE 802.11g
o Other Organizations
o Competition

• Section E: Locating Access Points
o 802.11 Architectures
o Beacons
o Passive Scanning
o Active Scanning

• Session 4

• Section A: Authentication
o Authentication Process
o Association Process
o States
o Authentication Methods
o Authentication Security
o EAP Types
o VPN Solutions

• Section B: Service Sets
o Service Sets Overview
o Roaming
o Roaming Standards
o Connections
o Limitations
o Load Balancing

• Section C: WAN Communication
o Frames
o Management Frames
o Collision Handling
o Fragmentation
o Fragment Bursting
o Interframe Spacing
o Random Backoff/Slot Time

• Section D: Troubleshooting
o RF Environments
o Multipath Problems
o Multipath Solutions
o Hidden Node Problem
o Hidden Node Solutions
o Near/Far Problems
o Near/Far Solution
o Co-location Problems
o Co-location Solutions

• Session 5

• Section A: WEP/TKIP
o Wireless Security
o WEP Attacks
o WEP Implementation
o WEP -
o WEP - Deployment
o Usage

• Section B: Security Options
o Filtering
o SSID Filtering
o MAC Address Filtering
o Protocol Filtering

• Section C:Wireless Attacks
o Attacks on Wireless LANs
o Passive Attacks
o Active Attacks
o Jamming
o Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

• Section D: Corporate Security Policy
o Security Policies
o Public Wireless Networks
• Security Recommendations

• Section E: Site Survey
o Specifications
o Preparation/Facility Analysis
o Networks & Network Needs
o Area Usage & Towers
o Requirements
o Available Resources
o Security Requirements

• Section F: Preparation
o Preparation Checklist
o Site Survey Equipment
o Site Survey Kit Checklist
o Gathering RF Information
o Site Survey Reporting
o Additional Information

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Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring
English | 2011 | PDF + VIDEOS | 112 MB

Network Cable eBook Tutorial

E-books Include:

BSI Network Cabling Guide.pdf
BSI Network Cabling Guide_2.pdf
Cabling – The Complete Guide to Network Wiring, 3rd Edition.pdf
Cabling Handbook, Second Edition.chm
Cabling The Complete Guide to Copper and Fiber-Optic Networking, 4th Ediition.pdf
ccna1_mod5_Cabling LANs & WANs.ppt
Designing a Structured Cabling System to Iso 11801,2nd Edition – Malestrom.pdf
Intelligence at the Physical Layer – Smart Cabling – Better Security – Siemon Network Cabling Solutions.flv
Network Media & Cabling.wmv
Structured Cabling System Certification Program.pdf
Structured Cabling-V&D Gold Book.pdf
Certified Cabling Test Technician CCTT
Network Cabling & Tools NetworkImage

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LearnKey - Wireless Network Administration (DVD 1 to 5)

Sir i will complete 5 dvds but it is which format plz give replay urgent
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It seems you are more interested in Torrent links than course material.

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LearnKey - Wireless Network Administration (DVD 1 to 5) torrent link kavali plz send urgent meeru ichina link heavy ga undi & download option ravatamledu kanuka dayachesi naku torrent link ivvagalaru
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