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The charcter "@" is not displayed while i am pressing Shift + 2 and instead of that " is displayed.

How to solve my problem? Please answer as possilbe as early.


Vemulawada Temple
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Don't fear
because I solve the u r problem
read carefully ALT is used to type the any letter that is used it
How can i type the ALT letters?
u asked him, i will send the ALT letters list
Use it
Small ALT+64 = @
means ALT press chesi 64 enter chestey @ vastundi

any recent softwares installed please observe and remove the keyboad based software and also anu script is there in u r system delete the startup list means system is start anu script is displayed on desktop
so in this above list any on eis there to change this other wise please mail them detail
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Thank You
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