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Mushir sent in some excellent tips recently to help guide you through using Adobe Flash.

* Learn the basics! If you learn the basics in Flash you will be able to finish stuff so much more faster. Try out all the tools and learn what they do. You may find a tool you never have used, but it could be a very useful tool.

* Tutorials! There are several books that will teach you how to use Flash! There are also books made for specific things such as drawing or animation. If you don’t like to pay there are always tutorials on the internet that you can read. Sites such as Pixel2Life have hundreds of free Flash tutorials which you can read. If you like to learn visually you can search for video tutorials at YouTube.

* Change the frame-rate! The frame-rate when you open a new document in Flash is 12. If you change it to lets say 20 your animation will run much faster and it will look much smoother. But then you will have to draw more images than you would have to if the frame-rate was 12. It is recommended by most Flash users to use the frame-rate 18 or higher.

* Use layers! Making animations in Flash without layers is very hard. Have your background in the first layer. Then have your animation on a layer above the background layer. This way you wont have to draw a new background after every single frame.

* Show your animation to other people and get response. There are many sites where you can publish your Flash animation for other people to watch it. You may get harsh comments the first time but keep trying. Always listen to what other people have to say. This will help you a lot. Remember you don’t always have to do what others say but try it out and see it looks better their way.

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