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Practically everyone I know has begun making use of VLC Media Player as their default application to play videos and music. In this post, I'm listing three methods here.

1. Use Custom Skins on VLC Media Player:
A single excuse which people at this time tell me for not attempting VLC is the fact that the interface is boring. For those who didn't know earlier, VLC supports custom skins and there is a gallery * of terrific stuff. You could possibly adjust the skins by going to preferences (Ctrl+P).

2. Take Screenshots of Videos:
Okay, this one's somewhat easier. If you've got a favorite scene coming up, you'll be able to capture a PNG from the exact very same and use it as a wall paper or anything you wish. All you will need to do is hold hitting Shift+S (+/-) three seconds before the frame you're looking for and pick the perfect shot out of the My Images folder.
You could modify preferences from Tools > Preferences > Video. Below this module you may have the capacity to change the directory exactly where the pictures are saved, modify the format in which the files are saved png/jpg and transform the format in the filename. And as we know, SWF file just isn't supported, so we ought to convert swf to formats that are supported for playing on it. Additional it is possible to refer the guide the way to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. on windows or mac.

3. Manage VLC Media Player using a Remote (with no possessing looking for a single certain):
Using your personal computer to watch media doesn't mean which you should get up and move close for the keyboard to adjust the volume or fast-forward to a part of the video that you are in search of. All you'll need is actually a smart-phone with Wi-Fi on which you could possibly install the VLC Remote app. The application functions immediately after you manage VLC working with the Web Interface and possess a Wi-Fi Router set up. VLC Remote operates with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. Whenever you are confused about setting up VLC Remote, this guide may well aid.
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